Integrated Planning Structures


RISD’s Campus Master Plan (CMP) plan focuses on process and planning structures as fundamental. To that end President Somerson created the Campus Master Plan Committee (CMPC) charged with providing oversight, strategic leadership, and coordination of new integrated planning structures and the development of appropriate policies and procedures to support those structures. The CMPC will engage and communicate with the RISD community and make recommendations to the Cabinet regarding CMP projects. They will review and assess projects as they are developing, ensure alignment with the CMP and its principles, track progress on CMP goals, and recommend any modifications to the master plan.

Campus Master Plan Committee
Jack Silva, VP Campus Services, Committee Chair
Chris Speece, Associate Professor, Furniture Design, Faculty Representative
Wolfgang Rudorf,
Assistant Professor, Interior Architecture, Faculty Representative
Anne Tate ProfessorArchitecture, Faculty Representative
Brian Goldberg, VP Strategic Initiatives
Mara Hermano, VP Integrated Planning
Maggie Balch, Dean of Students
Babette Alina, Executive Director, Govt Affairs & External Relations
Sarah Ganz Blythe, Deputy Director, Museum
Annie Newman, Director, Planning, Design & Construction

Meeting Schedule
The Committee meets monthly. Please contact Annie Newman, Director of Planning, Design & Construction, for more information.