The files below are large PDF format documents that may take a few moments to download.

1996 Campus Master Plan
1996 Campus Master Plan (pdf)

2005 Campus Master Plan Update
2005 Campus Master Plan Update (pdf)

December 2015 Sightlines Presentation
Sightlines Presentation (pdf)

Strategic Plan
Critical Making | Making Critical

State of the College
State of the College (pdf)

2015 RISD Campus Master Plan
Campus Master Plan Summary (pdf)

Project Development Process
RISD Project Development Process revised september 2017 (pdf)

June 2016 Campus Master Plan Addendum
campus master plan addendum 2016 (pdf)

FY16 Sightlines presentation
FY16 RISD ROPA Presentation (pdf)

January 2018 Campus Master Plan Addendum
campus master plan addendum 2018 (pdf)

Wood Gerry Grounds Master Plan (2016)
WoodsGerryGroundsMasterplan (pdf)

FY17 Sightlines Presentation
FY 17 Sightlines presentation (pdf)

2018 Institutional Master Plan
2018 Institutional Master Plan (pdf)

FY21 Capital Plan as of 12/9/20
FY21 projects as of 12 9 20 (pdf)

FY22 Proposed Projects as of 12/9/20
FY22 Proposed Projects as of 12 9 2020 (pdf)

FY18 Sightlines presentation
Sightlines FY18 ROPA+ Presentation  (pdf)

FY19 Sightlines presentation
RISD FY19 ROPA+ Presentation

April 2021 Architect Selection Policy
210420 Architect Selection Policy (pdf)

FY20 Sightlines/Gordian presentation
FY20 Sightlines Gordian report (pdf)

FY2 Gordian presentation
FY21 RISD Gordian report (pdf)