Guiding Principles

Guiding principles were developed by the Steering Committee to evaluate master plan options, provide a set of core values for master plan projects moving forward, and guide the modification of the master plan in the future.


Adaptable + Shared

RISD will support academic and research excellence through the development of adaptable, high-performance “long-life” spaces across the campus. New types of space and new ways of using and managing space will be created to encourage development of shared resources and interdisciplinary activities.


A Sense of Place

RISD will promote creative exchange internally and externally with high-visibility, open and shared environments. Spaces at street level will be occupied by public-facing dynamic programs as well as student and faculty work whenever possible.


Effective + Intentional

RISD will advance the campus, over time, in an intentional way. This will include identifying potential affinities leading to productive adjacencies and new models for collaboration and efficiency.


Communal + Socially Engaged

RISD will support a community of active and engaged artists, designers and scholars. The physical campus environment will support students and faculty coming together at a variety of scales, across a range of activities including academic work, co-curricular activities and student organizations.


Healthy, Safe + Accessible

RISD will provide healthy, safe accessible environments for all community members, across all space types.


Sustainable + Historic

RISD will be a good steward of its historic fabric and carefully use its campus resources.