Master Plan Development

Strategic Plan 2012-2017

RISD’s Strategic plan outlines its core values and strategies. The master plan was developed in direct response to the Strategic Plan.
Critical Making | Making Critical (pdf)

Inventory & Analysis

The first six months of the master plan process focused on collecting data on the campus and identifying the needs of the various programs and departments. A comprehensive space inventory and facilities assessment provided a detailed snapshot of space use and deferred maintenance.

State of the College

September 2013 marked the end of Phase 1. The State of the College report summarized current state and needs of the college.
State of the College (pdf)

Options Development and Assessment

Through a series of campus-wide charrettes options were developed for the organization of the campus and potential new development. Options were further refined by the planning team and the master plan Steering Committee.

Draft Plan

A draft plan was presented to the campus community in a variety of forums. Feedback shaped the plan over a series of iterations.

Plan Approval

The Board of Trustees formally approved the campus master plan in May 2015.
Campus Master Plan Summary (pdf)